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טאטי ארט - ציורים בהזמנה אישית
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Hi I'm Tati

Hello, my name is Tania! (But you can call me Tati) I'm a visual artist, in love with colors & life, and making handmade treasured gifts for people all over the world!

On my site, you’ll find mostly… DOTS!

I love dots, colors, mandalas, crazy lines, and creative patterns- they exist in my original paintings, as well as in my personalized portraits....

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Clients Reviews

"The whole ordering and preparation process is very personal, courteous and pleasant.
I ordered a portrait for my husband's birthday, ours with the new baby, the painting came out beautiful beyond imagination, my husband was extremely excited and everyone who saw the painting, just the pearl of the living room, cannot miss a memory that will last a lifetime and so special. Thank you so much dear Tania! "

-   Colin Assulin

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