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Hello, my name is Tania! (But you can call me Tati) I'm a visual artist, in love with colors & life, and making handmade treasured gifts for people all over the world! I’ve always been a painter… but when one of my husband’s (then boyfriend) birthday gifts failed to arrive in time- I made him a portrait of the way I see him. That portrait became one of his favorite gifts, and later on- my business!

I love shining a light on people’s faces, surrounding them with colors, and creating 3D art that stands out. My portraits are one of a kind, made with thoughts about the person that is in them, as well as the emotions you’d like to be sending that person through this portrait. On my site, you’ll find mostly… DOTS! I love dots, colors, mandalas, crazy lines, and creative patterns- they exist in my original paintings, as well as in my personalized portraits. The shop is growing every day, with new items popping up, everything handmade, original, with a lot of love, I am here to create the right gift for you! I ask a lot of questions to make the perfect piece for each and every one of my clients, taking my time in hearing YOUR personal stories & discovering the people (or pets) behind the photos.

It’s my honor to put a smile on your face :) So if you have any questions, requests for a special portrait, please feel free to message me on Etsy and share your vision with me!

Love, Tania

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